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Waiver Support

As CHT is committed to serving individuals with ID/DD throughout their lifespan the following services are provided at this time.

Serving Adams, Allen, Boone, DeKalb, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Lake, Madison, Marion, Morgan, Porter, Shelby, and Tipton counties.


Psychological Therapy

Services are provided by a licensed psychologist with an endorsement as a health service provider in psychology, a licensed marriage and family therapist, a licensed clinical social worker, or a licensed mental health counselor.

Behavior Support Services

CHT provides Behavior Management training to family, school and other personnel using function based assessment and the strategies from Applied Behavior Analysis to effectively reduce maladaptive behaviors and increase positive behavior. The team of behavior consultants is lead by the owner, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

Participant Assistance and Care (PAC)

Services are provided in order to allow participants (consumers) with developmental disabilities to remain and live successfully in their own homes, function and participate in their communities and avoid institutionalization. PAC services support and enable the participant in activities of daily living, self-care, and mobility with the hands-on assistance, prompting, reminders, support and monitoring needed to ensure the health and safety of the participant.

Workplace Assistance

Services provide a range of personal care services and/or supports during paid competitive community employment hours and in a competitive community employment setting to enable waiver participants to accomplish tasks that they would normally do for themselves if they did not have a disability. Assistance may take the form of hands-on assistance (actually performing a personal care task for the participant) or cuing to prompt the participant to perform a personal care task. Workplace Assistance services may be provided on an episodic or on a continuous basis. Workplace Assistance Services are services that are designed to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the participant, thereby assisting in the retention of paid employment for the participant who is paid at or above the federal minimum wage. 

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