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Chapple House Therapies, formally E Behavior Solutions began in 2018 with the owner providing behavior management to those with ID/DD. It has grown to over 15 staff members providing ABA, behavior management consulting, and child welfare services.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide individualized comprehensive therapies, education, and training that will promote long-lasting outcomes for families. We will achieve the mission through our diverse, talented, and compassionate team that finds honor in improving the wellbeing of others.

Value Statement

Chapple House Therapies values individuals from all backgrounds. We will provide service with integrity and meet the needs of underserved populations. We value the inclusion of family members in the planning and implementation of treatment protocols. They believe the therapeutic process should not be cumbersome and that the process should be as simple as possible for sustainable continued participation. We value diversity and aim to serve underserved populations including rural, minority, and low-income families. We believe all individuals should have access to high-quality therapeutic services.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to minimize the diversity gap of those receiving therapeutic and mental health services.


Chapple House Therapies strives to promote ABA in diverse settings and bring quality therapy to many individuals.

National Accreditation

CHT is committed to providing therapy to the highest standards. They have gone through rigorous evaluations to ensure they are providing ABA therapy that meets the quality standards put in place by the Behavioral Health Center of Excellence. Please click the icon below for more information.




Elizabeth Chapple, MA, LBA, BCBA

Elizabeth believes that a person’s development is heavily influenced by environment and if we can provide an environment where families and children thrive, they will.

Elizabeth’s background is in Behavior Analysis, Elizabeth has over 13 years of experience working in the field of ABA. Elizabeth Chapple is a Licensed Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She has worked with both child and adult populations. She believes that there is no problem that cannot the solved through systematic training and environmental changes. She uses this approach in all services provided, seeing a problem as an opportunity to create a goal and create a systematic plan to attain that goal. Elizabeth is thrilled at the opportunity to reach so many families and improve the lives of so many children through E Behavior Solutions LLC.

As a BCBA she has used this company to promote ABA in nontraditional settings. CHT has partnerships with such agencies as the Department of Children Services and the Indiana Medicaid Waiver program, and numerous schools and daycares to spread the word about ABA.


Autism Services

ASD diagnostic evaluations

In-Home, School and Community Based ABA Therapy

Parent Training


Child Welfare Services


Parent Education

Supervised visit facilitation

Mental Health Services

Truancy Termination



Medicaid Waiver Services

Behavior Management

Participant Assistance Care

Workplace Assistance

Psychological Therapy

To find out more about BHCOE Accreditation Click the Icon 


“I am very satisfied with Chapple House Therapies. The staff is amazing. Whenever I have questions, comments or concerns they are always more than willing to listen and formulate an action plan. I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for my son."

-Parent of child with ASD

"We thought Meghan would never be fully potty trained or able to button up her shirt on her own.  The dedication and consistency of both her Program Manager and RBT, she has learned so many life skills that will help gain independence we never thought she would have!  We are forever grateful for what ABA has done in our child’s life as well as ours!"


-Parent of a child with ASD

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