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Autism Services

Chapple House Therapies provides comprehensive Applied Behavior Analysis for children with autism. CHT coordinates with other providers including Speech and Occupational therapists to provide an inclusive therapy program.

Insurances accepted:

  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Indiana Traditional Medicaid

  • Optum Behavioral Health

  • Aetna

  • Cigna

  • MDWise

  • Anthem Medicaid

  • MHS

  • IUHealth

  • Community Health Network

Serving the Marion, Hancock, Hamilton, Madison, and Hendricks Counties


What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?


ASD is a developmental disability. 1 in 54 children in the US is affected by Autism. People may have problems with social, behavioral, and communication skills and with ways of learning, paying attention, or reacting to things. It begins during early childhood and lasts throughout a person's lifetime.

Diagnostic Evaluation

CHT directs families for Autism Diagnostic evaluations with a partnered licensed clinical psychologist. Results from the evaluations can be used to pursue therapeutic services for your child.

In-Home, Clinic, And School Based ABA THERAPY

CHT provides Applied Behavior Analysis in the setting in which the child is already engaged. ABA is a comprehensive treatment that addresses socially significant behavior. CHT works with children in their home, school, and clinic. CHT utilizes a model of significant parental involvement. CHT believes in the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Parent Training

CHT understands that parents raising a child with autism can be difficult. Parents can become tired and frustrated. CHT is here to help. Their services include in-home parent training and coaching. We provide training in implementing Positive Behavior Modification strategies to reduce stress. The goal of CHT is to improve the lives of all persons impacted by autism.

Community Resources

Connecting families to events, trainings, research and seminars to help the family. The following may indicate your child is at risk for an autism spectrum disorder. If your child exhibits any of the following, please contact us so that we can provide guidance for your next steps:

By 6 months

  • Few or no big smiles or other warm, joyful and engaging expressions

  • Limited or no eye contact


By 9 months

  • Little or no back-and-forth sharing of sounds, smiles or other facial expressions


By 12 months

  • Little or no babbling

  • Little or no back-and-forth gestures such as pointing, showing, reaching or waving

  • Little or no response to name


By 16 months

  • Very few or no words


By 24 months

  • Very few or no meaningful, two-word phrases (not including imitating or repeating)

Defining Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

ABA is a philosophy that refers to the scientific and systematic application of methods based upon behavioral principles. That is, interventions and programming are derived by making a hypothesis and testing this hypothesis through systematic data collection and analyses of the data. Data is collected from a number of informants, settings, and situations as well as in a number of formats. This data is then utilized to determine the most appropriate methods for intervention. ABA interventions are individualized but effective programming is typically composed of three primary components: setting up the environment, reducing behavioral symptoms, and increasing functional replacement skills. Ongoing data is collected and analyzed to monitor outcomes, areas of needed modifications and successes. This philosophy has been shown to be effective with a wide variety of behavioral disorders (inclusive of Autism Spectrum Disorder) and symptoms for many years.

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